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CHARACTER NAME: Alison 'Ali' Blaire
FANDOM: Marvel 616
CHRONOLOGY: New Exalibur #2, right when she's pushed out of the window.

When Alison was little, her mother abandoned her and her father for a singing career and a new man. Alison was raised by her father and grandmother afterwards, living a somewhat strained childhood due to the expectations of her father. Alison loved everything about music, but it merely angered her father. She quickly became sucked into the world of performance, song and dance, something her father did not approve of. He wanted her to become a lawyer like himself, of which, Alison showed no interest in at the time.

One night, she ended up entering the high school talent contest. When she started singing, light appeared all around her. Everyone thought it was special effects, but it was actually her Mutant abilities surfacing. After Alison left the show, she was attacked and the light resurfaced. She released her powers in a blinding manner, having the police determine it was nothing more than electric malfunction. Alison knew better, and promised herself that she'd never use her powers again. Of course, promises like that are always broken, and she began practicing her use of them.

During the next couple of years, Alison kept a proper balance between her education and her singing. Though she wound up completing a pre-law program, Alison finally decided to follow her dreams and pursue singing. This caused her father to disown her, a sacrifice she had to accept. Alison worked hard at worming her way through the music business, but within two years, she was still not finding gigs at anywhere but dance clubs.

One evening, the X-men stumbled across one of her shows. Dazzler helped them in a battle against the Hellfire Club, which ended with an offer to join the team. Alison declined, as her interest was only to sing, not save the world. Alison kept at her career just as she said she would, eventually landing a manager due to pure luck and assistance from some superhero friends.

Alison had run-ins with many characters in the Marvel universe. She dated Johnny Storm, came across the Hulk and even Doctor Doom. Throughout her adventures, Alison tried to stick with her music career, but eventually ended up outing her mutation to her manager in order to save his life. Though he thought it would do something for her popularity, she wanted to keep it a secret. Unfortunately for Alison, government officials became suspicious of her tricks on stage. They ended up blackmailing her to participate in something called Project Pegasus. It was something designed to test the limits of her powers, and throughout the experience, she ended up absorbing the entire being of a villian named Klaws. His powers were sound based, causing hers to drain everything he was and make her even more powerful. Dazzler used the extra energy given to her in order to escape.

Which is how she met Galactus. He noticed how powerful she was, and recruited her in order to save his herald from a black hole. Believing she was one of few actually able to do this, he transported her onto his ship and upped her juice by giving her some cosmic powers. She succeeded in returning the herald to Galactus, actually having to force the entity to return her home.

During her disco days, Dazzler went on a lot of adventures and ran into a lot of people. She managed to juggle something of a career, while at the same time doing things she had told Professor Xavier she had no interest in. She'd been brought to Asgard, invited to join the Avengers, started a rivalry with Rogue, and juggled numerous romantic relationships. Finally in the midst of everything, Alison ended making up with her father, then even found her mother and half sister. The good in her life out weighed the bad by a lot.

Eventually, Dazzler lost her music contract, and she had to start over. After a couple attempts at reviving her career, Dazzler ended up doing a movie (that was never released). Unfortunately, the movie was funded by a fan who had made her life difficult previously, and the intention was to out her as a mutant. During this, a close friend of hers brought her to an airport and forced her to absorb every last sound within it. Being that it was so loud, Alison began to glow when she absorbed it, and it forever changed her body. She was now able to store sound inside herself instead of always relying on her radio.

Alison got a few jobs afterwards, one of which led her into an unfortunate adventure with Beast, and one that caused her to meet up with fellow singer Lila Cheney. Though she was trying to get her career on track, every attempt was met with some sort of craziness. Eventually Alison decided that she wanted to join up with the X-men, deciding that she wanted to use her powers to stop anti-mutant hysteria. But before she could join their ranks, Alison met up with her father one last time. Unfortunately, it ended up with him getting killed.

After her father's death, Dazzler decided to join Lila Cheney instead of teaming with the X-men. She joined Lila's band as a back up vocalist and keyboarder, and they did quite well for a couple months. Being around someone so successful was incredibly hard for Alison, and due to this, a psychic entity named Malice unburied the jealousy within her and used it against her. This didn't last long, as Lila contacted the X-men before it got too out of hand, and Malice was defeated. When the fight ended, Alison ended up joining the X-men.

Dazzler made friends with numerous members of the team, and she even reconciled with Rogue. However, not everything about the X-men was good. During Fall of the Mutants, the X-men fought against Freedom Force, which ended up with Spiral magically attaching Destiny's mask to Alison's face. The mask blinded her, making it so she needed to be led around and helped by her teammates. When Freedom Force and the X-men had to work together against a common enemy, Spiral was unable to remove the mask due to magical interferance. The final fight resulted in the X-men's physical and spiritual essences being used as fuel for an energy star, though saving the multiverse, it ended with the X-men dying. They were quickly brought back by Roma, a guardian of the multiverse who essentially re-created them. When they revived, Dazzler was without the mask, and the X-men relocated to the Austrailian outback.

It was then that she became attracted to her teammate, Longshot. Though she had to rival with Rogue over his affections, Dazzler wound up with him in the end.

More craziness was added to her life when she temporarily switched bodies with Diamondback. It was reversed, of course, but the event left Alison quite annoyed. Not ever getting a break, she later decided to use her light powers to look into the Siege Perilous crystal. She saw various visions of herself, all of which told her that everyone has to die at some point or another. Though she was left completely drained by the experience, Dazzler later had to join the X-men in another battle against Nimrod. Since Alison still had the crystal with her, she used it to get rid of Nimrod, but unfortunately it took Rogue as well. Although Rogue had told Alison to do it, Ali still felt guilty over what happened.

Sometime after the diminishing team left Australia, Dazzler was found washed up on a beach and without her memories. Afterwards, she was kidnapped by a fan with an unhealthy fixation on her, but she was able to save herself by using her powers to calm him down. He made Ali realize there was more to life than fame, and she wound up staying with Lila. Ali tried to remember everything she lost, but it was proving to be a useless effort. Shortly after, Longshot showed up requesting their help. Longshot was quite happy to see her, but she didn't remember him at all. Despite that, she and Lila ended up fighting alongside with him, and slowly, Alison got her memories back.

Some of Alison's friends were soon captured by Mojo's forces. Dazzler ran to the X-men for help, ending up with only Xavier at her side along with various rebels. In the end, Mojo was overthrown and it made room for Mojo II the Sequel. In celebration of the Mojoverse being thrown into a new era, it was revealed that Alison was pregnant with Longshot's child. Of which, he wanted to name Shatterstar.

Longshot and Alison were married sometime off panel in Mojoworld, living together and keeping the Cadre Alliance (the name of the rebellion) alive. Alison only returned to Earth in order to save the X-babies, and it was revealed then that she was without her child at the time. It is unknown what exactly happened with that, but it's widely assumed that she miscarried.

Alison remained on Mojoworld for years until Mojo returned and a new project of his emerged. He created "babies" of the Age of Apocalypse villians, and the stint backfired. The babies went on an rampage throughout Mojoworld, killing many people. Longshot ended up being one of them, so Ali returned to Earth in order to get help from the X-men. They were in the middle of something when she showed up, and though Alison helped them, she surprisngly refused to go back to Mojoworld. She took off, saying too much had happened that day.

Some considerable time after, Dazzler returned to the world of singing. As she was attempting to re-build her career, a fan threatened to kill her, and Alison's manager ended up hiring Deadpool to be her bodyguard when her life was threatened. Alison disagreed strongly with this idea, but it was done against her will anyways. As predicted, a man attempted to shoot her, but effort of both Deadpool and the Rhino thrwarted that.

Post Decimation of the mutants, Dazzler ends up relocating to England where she does shows in various clubs. She retained her powers, so she kept using them to further her performance. After one of her little concerts, she runs into what are called the "Dark X-men". The version of Jean Grey ends up killing her, but she is mysteriously revived. Exalibur brings her to the hospital to figure out what happened, but "Iceman" finds her and causes her to fall out of the window.

PERSONALITY: Alison is a nice woman, confident in herself, hopeful, friendly, but can have an attitude at times. She can get a bit lippy, jealous and angry if pushed enough. She is also a determined woman, always picking a goal and setting straight on completing it. Alison is a very easy person to get along with and she often makes friends with nearly everyone she meets. Her singing is very important to her, and sometimes causes a competitive streak within her to flourish due to the high expectations she has for herself. Still, it's not the fame that matters to her; it's the music. But no matter the case of music versus fame, performance is basically something she depends on to feel good about herself. She's not picky about her costumes anymore; as long as she gets to sing, she doesn't care what she looks like. Alison loves it when all eyes are on her, listening to what comes from her mouth and watching just how good she is; it's almost an addiction and it feeds her ego. She adores the spotlight.

Where I take her from, Alison is a bit more guarded in terms of her personality. Not essentially that she is cold, but more aware and less upbeat than she used to be. Living life as rebel leader/warrior hardened her, and seeing a lot of war and destruction being constant in her life changed her. Even after she returned from Mojoworld, she was a mess of a person and it took her quite some time to bounce back. She's still optimistic, but reality has hit her and she has more realistic expectations then she used to. Singing is the one positive thing she uses to escape her hardships.

Alison is also something of a trend whore, and is very fabulous.

CLASS: Hero,
ALTER EGO: Alison Blaire
POWER: The ability to convert sound into light. Alison can use this power in various ways. She can blind people, fly, blast, shoot lasers from her eyes, manipulate emotional mood (this just means she can calm people down if necessary, which I'll ask people permission for if needed.), and she can store sound within her body. Alison also recently gained a ressurection ability, thought it is unknown where she even got it.


[A woman with short pink hair appears on the camera. She's in nothing but a hospital gown, and she looks annoyed. Is she scared? No. She's obviously used to strange things happening to her.]

This is nuts! I'm done with the hero thing; I'm just a singer now. This sounds like the kind of stuff that happens to the X-men, and I don't want any part of it. I don't save the world anymore; I just sing. And honey, it's always dazzling. I'll put a nice show on for you, but you've gotta let me work on my terms. I'm not going to be forced into doing anything I don't want to; Dazzler doesn't work that schtick.

[Alison pauses for a bit, thinking through her situation. She's trying to remain level headed, but it's not working out. Her face doesn't show how she feels. ]

Is Wolverine here? This seems like the kinda thing that would happen to him.

[She rolls her eyes.]

Yeesh, I swear if I stumbled into some kind of mutant experiment, I want outta here now. I did enough of that in my disco days! I won't put up with it anymore. Besides, I've got gigs lined up and I need to figure out why the heck I'm still alive. Not to mention why I've got evil X-men after me! I don't have time for this; I have stuff to get back to. And I'd like my clothes back. That outfit might be silly to a lot of people, but I need it.

[She pauses before she finally says what she's been considering the whole time.]

And if this turns out to be some sick game put on by that fat pig Mojo, I'm going to blast his sorry butt into next week.


Singing was always her own form of freedom.

When Alison was on stage, it made all bad parts of her life go away. She didn't focus on the dead, or the hardships, but just on her vocals and her powers. Her voice lit up the stage as she moved around, bringing her microphone with her. Alison sang louder, raising a hand as the lights grew brighter. It was always easiest using her powers on stage. She wasn't fighting for her life, only putting on a pretty show.

There was more to life than just performance, but this was all she could do for now. She didn't want to be part of the X-men, or even to try it on Mojoworld by herself. The only thing she needed to do was sing. Even if some of the people just came to laugh at her clothes, she was still enjoying herself in the best way possible.

Alison moved along as she sang her higher notes. Sometimes they strained her throat, but she didn't care. She felt alive and glowing with each word that left her mouth. She was fantastic, sensational, fabulous! Every good feeling in the world was part of her just because she was singing. No amount of destruction or loss could even touch her in such a fantastic moment. She was so bright and beautiful that she never wanted to leave the stage again. Singing gave her so much peace, and she didn't want to let go.

Dazzler began spinning across the stage on her rollerskates, attempting something that was much more upbeat. The smiles from the crowd were enough to make her powers sparkle more so. It wasn't so much that people were looking at her, but that they were enjoying her music. It hadn't been about the fame in such a long time. Alison didn't want labels or a hoard of fans, she just wanted to sing.
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