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Player Name: Ana
Personal LJ: [ profile] betterthanlegos
AIM: Ilikeyourshoes0
Other characters currently in-game: N/A

Character Name: Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler~
Canon source: Marvel 616/X-men Second Coming
PB: No.

Personality: Alison is a nice woman, confident in herself, hopeful, friendly, but can have an attitude at times. She can get a bit lippy, jealous and angry if pushed enough. She is also a determined woman, always picking a goal and setting straight on completing it. Alison is a very easy person to get along with and she often makes friends with nearly everyone she meets. Her singing is very important to her, and sometimes causes a competitive streak within her to flourish due to the high expectations she has for herself. Still, it's not the fame that matters to her; it's the music. No matter the case of music versus fame, performance is basically something she depends on to feel good about herself. Alison loves it when all eyes are on her, listening to what comes from her mouth and watching just how good she is; it's almost an addiction and it feeds her ego. She adores the spotlight.

Though Alison has been hardened from her live on Mojoworld, she pushes it behind herself, and just tries to go back to the person she used to be. Alison tries to be there to hold up everyone's morale with sparkles, even if deep inside she might not feel so happy. Alison believes herself to be a product, packaged and sold for everyone to gawk at. She feels like she started out a gimmick, and that it's something that's followed her for years now. Still, she moves on and knows there is much more to her than facepaint and sparkly bodysuits. She's a strong woman, and can overcome anything that's thrown at her.

Alison is also something of a trend whore, and is very fabulous no matter WHAT.

History: Link to her wiki here!

-Alison's mutant ability is to transform sound into light. She's able to absorb any sounds around her (as far as a 100 mile radius) and convert them into any sort of light. She is able to use this power to blast photons from her hands and eyes; fly and levitate; let loose a sonic scream; have an immunity to sound and light; create hard light holograms; put up a light forcefield; have the ability to transform herself and others into light and transport them to another place entirely; glow/sparkle just because; store sound within her body and even manipulate emotional mood (As in, calm people down with her light.) One other thing she can do is completely cleanse toxins from others with her light.
-Alison is also a professional rollerskater, and dancer. She has fighting experience from her own adventures, Mojoworld and the X-men, so she can be tough if necessary. She is also extremely talented at singing.
-Alison has the mysterious ability to resurrect herself after she's killed (even thought it's unexplained).
-She graduated University, and has an education in Pre-Law
-She's empathetic, friendly, calming, and always in perfect shape ♥.

-Her absorbing sound does come with a weakness; without any sound around her, Alison is likely to slip into a catatonic state, of which she calls "The Void".
-Cleansing toxins from anyone else also really hurts her, as it's technically her giving away part of her life force to someone else.
-Her temper can get her in trouble sometimes, too. When she's upset, she can't keep her mouth shut. (Or her powers off)
-Tends to get jealous.

Preferred drop-in point: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? Basically, I'd like to have some fun with Dazzler in a place similar to her time in the Outback with the X-men, but not have Chris Claremont make it dumb. I want her to be poor and have nothing, yet still sparkle~. I just want to play her where she has nothing again, since it happens to her so damn often.

First Person Journal Sample:

Okay, Dazzler. Time to shine.

So, hi? My name's Alison Blaire. I kinda got the jist of it all from that message, but I need to know who else is here. X-men? Avengers, even? This isn't some weirdo side affect of being covered in Limbo demons, right?

[She pauses, mulling everything over.]

Even if none of my friends here, can someone help a diva out? I hate asking for it, but you kinda can't help it here, yeah? [Another pause.] Can anyone fill me in on anything more than just the outline?

I swear to god, if I'm here because of Longshot, I am going to melt his face off.

Third Person Sample:

Alison Blaire was a survivor. She'd been to Hell and back throughout her life, and a situation like this wouldn't keep her down. As much as the desire to freak out and just throw a fit was inside of her, she kept calm. It wouldn't surprise her if this was Mojo's doing, but for now she shifted that thought to the side. Mojo meant thinking about Longshot, and she really didn't want to think of that man. Longshot was not part of her life anymore, and she wasn't going to get pulled into another one of his Mojoworld messes. She was done, just done with that kind of crap. This? This was just another scrap the Dazzler had been pulled into. Kidnapped and left somewhere new; she shouldn't have been too surprised by it.

She sighed, and pushed her hair out of her face. Whatever the case, at least she wasn't failing with the short and pink do again.

Her first job would be to see if any of her friends or teammates were here, too. She could deal with not knowing a single person, honestly, but having some friends around wouldn't hurt. Betsy, Jean-Paul...Hell, even Brian or TJ would be nice; she hadn't seen them for awhile, after all. Someone she could trust, at least.

The phrase they don't like us kept ringing through her head. Alison had dealt with mutant hate before, and she wondered if that's what the message meant. God, what could be going on here? Was this some kind of sick game created by Mojo? No. NO. She wouldn't accept that. This was a world composed of bad cirumstances and situtations, not a television show. Mojoworld wasn't her life anymore. It wasn't. It wasn't. It wasn't.

Whatever this was, she could pull through it. She didn't have her music, her comfy room, or her nice selection of clothes, but she could do this.
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